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Easy Chocolate Lip Balm

This balm will make your mouth water! 



  • A clean lip balm container. You can buy some of these from Dollar Tree,or use your old ones. Make sure they're clean!
  • Chocolate chips of your choice. Yum!
  • An oven. Be careful with this oven. You may want to get an adult for this step.
  • If you want,small sprinkles to decorate the balm.
  • A pot.
  • A funnel for pouring the melted chocolate.
  • Chilled clay or cold Play-Doh



  1. Boil the chocolate chips on whatever setting you'd like. Add water to the chips and stir until smooth. Don't boil too many chips unless you are making party favors for many people! Add tiny sprinkles if you'd like.
  2. When done boiling,grab an oven mitt and your funnel. Don't forget your container!
  3. Set the funnel's narrow end in the lip balm container and pour the chocolate over the sink.
  4. Mold some cold,chilled clay or Play-Doh underneath the container to help cool the mix and to stand it up while it cools. Wouldn't want it to fall over and your lip balm spill!
  5. When it's cool,the clay may be dry,so peel that off and use your brand new lip balm!

These would also be great as party favors,or a gift for a friend on Valentines Day or Christmas. You can also add non-flavored food coloring to the balm if wanted for a special occasion.